3 Classic Men's Sweater Styles

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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To remain in style, you'll certainly want to consider tailored and classic sweater looks from stores like Brooks Brothers and Johnston & Murphy. A classic sweater is one that will be relevant in the fashion wold tomorrow, next month and in ten years from now. Some styles are as timeless as they are warm and cozy. Understanding these looks and how to style them means adding a staple to your wardrobe.

Before the three most classic of all men's sweaters are revealed, you should understand that a proper sweater is designed to be worn with an undershirt, so you'll want to make sure to choose your size accordingly. You'll also want to consider fabric choice if you're ordering online. Some people have very sensitive skin when it comes to wool sweaters, as they can be dry and itchy as compared to a cotton blend. Finally, remember that to keep your timeless sweater the correct fit and size, you should never machine dry your sweaters and always fold them (or hand on wide shouldered wooden hangers) for storage.

1. Cable Sweater

A cable sweater gets it's name from the form the threads are woven into. The result is generally a raised, twisted cable looking pattern over the entire front, back or both of the garment. These items are timeless because the structure of the raised monochromatic fabric creates a warm looks with the illusion of structure in an item that does not have to be fitted. Your styling should be to wear this sweater relaxed, but not large over the body. Pair with jeans for a laid back look.

2. Argyle Sweater

Argyle is a fun way to bring pattern and color into a male wardrobe. It is characterized by a diamond-like pattern that runs either in a single bar or stripe, or can be all over the front of the sweater. It is important to remember that this style is not a favorite for every man, as it is bold and a bit more daring. Larger framed men should be careful when choosing this bold pattern. Pair this with khaki pants and minimal belts or jewelry to keep the look from becoming distracted.

3. Sweater Vest

Finally, the sweater vest is a wonderful way to play with layering for fall or even spring. You'll want to choose a clean and crisp collared shirt to go below your vest in a complimentary color palate. For a fun flair, pair an argyle vest with a solid shirt to create a dash of interest. You can even wear a tie hidden under the vest to create a very professional look. The vest should not be tight, but should fit snug against the body. This look lends itself well to be a more polished and dressy atmosphere. Pair with dress pants in a dark solid or pinstripe pattern.

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