3 Timeless Men's Dress Shoe Styles

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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Online store like Shoebuy.com and Zappos.com have timeless styles of shoes for every type of man. Men’s dress shoe styles have changed quite a bit over the span of history. The major difference has largely been in the length of the shoe’s toe. During the early 80s and right up to the mid 90's, the toe seemed to become shorter and rounder. However, the medium sized toe and short heel style dress shoes have remained virtually unchanged over the past 20 years or so.

There are three timeless men's dress shoe styles that all men will want to add to their personal collection:

1. The Classic Loafer

The Classic Loafer has a comfortable insole and inside lining that can compliment any man's wardrobe. It doesn't matter whether or not you're wearing a professional suit or casual jeans. You can attend a social gathering with friends and your loafers will be right at home. The Classic Loafer has a very broad range. This style of shoe is usually hand stitched with hardened leather soles. They are usually also crafted in the form of a slip on shoe. This allows for ease of use and many men like the loafer for just that reason.

2. Balmoral

The second ageless pair of shoes that a man should have is a Bal or Balmoral. This is a sophisticated shoe that has lacing in the front that extends down the throat of the shoe. If you check with any high end male shoe manufacturer, you will find that they have the Balmoral on display. The purchase of this shoe will allow the buyer to sport any suit and tie in style. This shoe has a very traditional look and usually a high end rubber sole.

3. Moccasin

Lastly, the moccasin is a timeless shoe style for men of all ages. If this shoe could talk, it would boast about its comfort and light weight. Picture if you will a shoe cut out and then stitched back together again, and you have the visual many think of when they picture a moccasin shoe. Many shoes of this type are made of impeccable craftmanship. The moccasin has a top and bottom half with the middle stitch adjoining the two. They usually have a thinner rubber sole and are very easy to slip on and off. The rubber sole also gives it a very flexible feel, and it's a choice for many men for casual activities. Both young and old men agree, the moccasin is the ultimate in casual design for any social setting.

All of these shoes can be found in the closets of most men in countries around the world. Now men's shoes come in just as many colors as women's shoes. That means that the above mentioned styles can be found in a hue to match any man's wardrobe.There are also a variety of styles for men, however, these three timeless styles should be your first purchase.

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