Common Kitchen Storage Problems and Solutions

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Published: 20th December 2010
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Kitchen space comes at a high premium, which is why many kitchens are small and/or have storage issues. Luckily, many companies are now making products that are specifically designed for kitchens that have storage problems. If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned in this guideline, check out stores like Crate & Barrel and Domestications.

No Cabinet Space

One of the most common kitchen storage problems is not having enough cabinets. Cabinets fill up quickly once you start adding food, dishes, tupperware and other kitchen related products. On the bright side, fixing the not enough cabinets issue is fairly easy. Do your cabinets stretch to the top of your ceiling? If they don't, you have tons of extra cabinet space that is just waiting to be utilized. If your cabinets already go up to your ceiling or if you don't have the money for new cabinets, consider purchasing a kitchen hutch. Kitchen hutches generally have a display area for your fine dinnerware and silverware, and multiple cabinets and drawers towards the bottom of the hutch.

No Counter Space

Not having enough counter space is a major issue for many homeowners. Once you put your coffee maker, toaster and other appliances on your kitchen counter, you run out of room for other appliances and to cook meals. If your kitchen is large enough, you can have an island built in the middle of your kitchen. Not only will an island give you more counter space, but it will also give you more storage because most islands feature both cabinets and drawers. If an island isn't in your budget or if you don't have the room in your kitchen for a permanent fixture, consider a kitchen cart. A kitchen cart is pretty much identical to a built-in island, except it is mobile. When you need more room in your kitchen, simply roll the cart into another room and you're good to go.

Not Enough Pantry Space

Many homes don't even have pantries. Homes that do have pantries often have extremely small pantries. If you can put your food in a pantry, then you open up more storage space in your cabinets. If you are someone that likes to take advantage of sales, then you probably have a kitchen full of food. Do you have a garage or basement in your home? If so, you can hang wire shelves in those rooms to keep some of your food in. You aren't going to eat all of your food at once, so you can put food what you don't plan on eating for a bit on the wire shelving units. If you have a pantry, you can purchase wire organizing kits that will help you make the most out of your pantry space.

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