Flatter Your Figure with Oversized Tops and Tunics

Published: 14th October 2010
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Most women fit into one of the following body types: hourglass (a preferred shape), pear shape (where the hips and buns are larger than the top), inverted pear or triangle shape (where the upper half of the body is much larger than the bottom half) or square shaped (where there are few curves and more of a straight up and down form).Stores like Spiegel and New York & Company have a variety of over sized tops for any body type.

At any given time, a woman's body can shift from one of these types to the other, depending on weight gain due to stress, pregnancy or trauma, like surgery or such. Over sized tops and tunics can be a life saver when women don't feel the best about the state of their figures.

Embellished Over-Sized Tops and Tunics

If you are heavier on the bottom or have a pear shape, which many women do, you can wear a lovely embellished tunic or top. This means a top that may have the ever popular ruffles. You can also go for a floral look or sequins and stone encrusted tops. Your smaller top is a great asset for these type of tops or tunics, and the embellishments will balance out your bottom half quite nicely. A pear shaped women as well as a square shaped women can wear these tops with no problem and even go sleeveless.

Simple and Classic Styled Tunics and Tops

A women with an inverted pear shape or triangle shape would benefit well from an over sized top that is simple and classic in style and structure. This design and style will help to balance out this type of body shape. A V-neck style is also important to help balance out a top heavy gal. The lack of curves on the lower half will be masked quite well with a classic style that is simple in fabric and color. Most of those over sized types come well below a woman's bottom, and therefore flatter triangle shaped women very well. You will find that less is more with this style type.

Over Sized Always works

So why do over sized tunics and tops work for all women? First off, these tops cover a woman's lower half or hang below a woman's bottom. So, if the bottom of a woman is way too small or way too large, an over sized top provides the answer to both shape types. Even if the top and bottom are not filled out very much at all, as in the case of the square type woman, the tunic will cover that shape as well. You can even add a belt to the square body type to create the illusion of an hourglass. For those who have an hourglass figure, any over sized top will work, be it embellished or simple and classic.

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