How Do Hair Root Lifters Work?

Published: 02nd November 2010
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There are so many hair products on the market, it can make your head spin. It is hard to determine what the products do, how they work and if they are right for you. and other hair specialists offer helpful tips to get you started, but what if you want to know more? Hair root lifters are one product that seems to be everywhere: in salons, drug stores and specialty shops. With so many women suffering from thinning hair, the products are flying off the shelves. If you want to experience extra lift and volume but are unsure how hair root lifters actually work, take a look below:


Most hair root lifters are sold in sprays or in a mouse form and are applied to wet or damp hair. You apply it directly at the root of the hair and massage into the hair and scalp. You style your hair as you normally would, with a blow dryer or styling irons. When using a blow dryer, dry the hair at the root where the root lifter was applied first, and then dry the remaining hair.

What it does

When the root lifter is applied to the hair at the scalp, it expands the hairs and creates a more massive mane for those who use it. It is a great way to give limp, lifeless hair some well needed and well deserved boost. The root lifter attaches to each hair and expands it, which makes it look as if you have more hair and more volume.


Some women complain that it makes their hair sticky and unmanageable. In most cases, this can happen if you do not apply the product to wet hair and it is not styled right away. The substance requires immediate attention once it is placed on the hair, so to avoid any issue. Use it when you are ready to style and go.

Is it for me?

That is a question many women may be asking their selves. If you have limp hair, thinning hair, or just lack any real volume, then yes, it is for you. It is simple to apply and does not require any hairstyling skills. You can create the volume by applying a small amount and just by styling your hair as you normally would receive great results. The product is cheap and requires only a small amount, so it goes a long way. There is really no reason not to use it, unless you have very thick hair and do not need any more volume or lift.

With so many hair products on the market and your head spinning in circles trying to grasp what they are, what they do and which ones are right for you, hair root lifters is one that actually works, is inexpensive, and that anyone can use. Why go through life with thin and lifeless hair when there is a product that can give you the fullness and the bounce you want and deserve?

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