How to Exercise with Resistance Bands and Elastics

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Resistance bands and elastics are a great way to help get into shape. These types of bands allow for easy strength training. They allow you to add a little bit of variety of your exercise routine. If you don't get bored during a workout, you're more likely to consistently stick with it. You can also travel with them more easily than you can with barbells. The cost of acquiring good resistance bands and elastics is relatively low. The price allows you to easily buy several of them. See ProForm and Bodylastics for some examples of the resistance bands and elastics available to you.

Which Bands or Elastics Should You Use?

You can usually buy resistance bands or elastics at any store that sells fitness products. You'll probably want to start out with a basic band at first, and eventually work up to the more sophisticated designs. Bands and elastics are normally color-coded according to the tension level. Tension levels range from light to very heavy. For a more well-rounded workout, try to buy one of each in light, medium, and heavy. You'll want to plan on starting your workouts with light bands at first. This will allow you to get used to the exercises without straining yourself. Since most have a maximum price of $20 apiece, you won't go wrong with buying a few.

Ideal Exercises for Resistance Bands

One of the most common exercises that takes place using resistance bands is squatting. Squats are a good way to exercise your leg muscles. Use a heavy band and stand on it. Bend your elbows, and bring the handles up towards your shoulders. Another good workout is one that simulates rowing. Sit down and face the band. You'll want to pull in the handles without arching your back.

Bicep curling is the closest thing to using barbells. You can use just one foot or both feet. For beginners, using one foot is usually easier. While holding the handles, use a bicep curl. Chest pressing is one of the more vigorous workouts involved with resistance bands. The band will need to be attached to a handy door or pole. For the most resistance, make sure it's positioned right at chest level. Make sure you keep your elbows in a parallel position to the floor.

Ideal Exercises for Resistance Elastics

Elastics work in much the same way as resistance bands do. However, there are several other exercises specially designed for elastics that you'll want to consider using. Elastics are especially suited to fitness enthusiasts who prefer incorporating martial arts moves into their routines.

Elastics work well with standard exercise routines. When doing push-ups, consider adding an elastic to increase your resistance level. This allows your push-ups to do more for your muscles. Like resistance bands, elastics also make squats more productive. Consider strapping on some elastic when doing jumps for a vigorous workout. If you do tai chi or other martial arts exercises, you'll find resistance elastics to be a valuable addition to your workouts.

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