What to Pair with White Men's Dress Shoes

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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Stores like Masseys and Macy's are great places to find unique shoes for men. While white shoes are not the easiest to pair with a mans outfit, there are some suggestions that work very well with white men's shoes. A good outfit to wear with white shoes is white slacks with a white belt. You might also try a black silk shirt that hangs over the slacks with perhaps a white vest underneath. The shirt could also be royal blue, red or any bold color. You can also add a white sports coat on top.

White shoes are distinct and you donít want anyone to be totally fixated on your shoes when they first see you. However, white shoes look good with a contrasting color such as black or dark blue. There are several types of shoes that you could try, from canvas sneakers, to bucks or Vans Pull ons. You can also wear the shoes with jeans, but the shirt should always be a lighter color.

Men's White Shoes and a Suit

Usher and Kayne West made white shoes look cool at the Grammys while in a suit. They look best when you wear a white tuxedo with a bow tie and black shirt. They also look good with a white vest and a white cap or hat as well, as this tends to compliment the shoes. Always remember that your shoes and belt will look good if they match. If you want to wear a white suit, then white shoes will go perfectly with it. You probably should not wear a black suit with white shoes, as this would stand out too much.

If you want to wear a white suit, then white shoes really are the way to go. You can always wear a contrasting shirt underneath the suit to bring in more color. Since white clothes can draw attention, owning a pair of white shoes will get you noticed, especially when wearing a white suit.

Menís White Shoes and Accessories

Usually white menís shoes are worn during the summer and only up until Memorial Day. White can give you a powerful image, so pay attention to the clothing that you choose to pair with the white shoes. Also match your shoes with your pants and youíll rock a monochrome look really well. Sometimes it pays to add a bit extra to add to your look with accessories. You may want to think about adding a gold watch or a white leather band which would look good if youíre wearing a short sleeved short with your ensemble.

Try to bring out other colors with your accessories so that your look isnít totally white. Try to create a complete look when you wear your white shoes with either a suit or pants. Again, add a bit of bold color here and there to jazz things up and make the look more interesting. No matter what your age, wearing white shoes does give you a different image.

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